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"With talent you win games, but it is with teamwork and intelligence that you win championships."

                                        Michael Jordan

Our team, composed of experts, represents
the true identity of the company.

Teamwork + Skills =
Winning Strategy

Francesco Militti - Founder  

Communication and Digital Marketing Specialist


Passionate Internet user since the dawn of the Internet in Italy, we are talking about 1998.


Entrepreneur in the construction sector, in 2009 during the crisis, he was always able to find new customers and have plenty of work to the amazement of his colleagues who, on the contrary, complained of worrying decreases in turnover.

They asked him how he managed to find all those customers and Francesco replied: I use the Internet!

The skepticism of his colleagues was hallucinating, to the point that they called him stupid and naive, they did not believe that new customers could be found through the internet, but the facts spoke for themselves.

The passion for the Internet together with the applied study, allowed Francesco to observe the evolution and behavior of people in this new world.

Thanks to his experience as an entrepreneur and knowledge on the Internet, he is able to understand what people want and give them what they are looking for, he knows well the human behavioral language on the Internet.


Leave construction in December 2020 and found  a Digital Company together with other Professionals, to dedicate themselves to a very important mission: to help Entrepreneurs use the Internet to Grow their Business, find new Customers and achieve the desired Goals quickly.


Francesco Militti London 2022.jpg

Valentina Cappello  - Co-Founder - C.O.O.

Social Media Manager

Hi, I'm Valentina Cappello, born in 1980 and I'm Sicilian.


Graduated in Political Science, I have always had a passion for technology. I started several years ago, the first approach was the achievement of the ECDL (the European computer license to be clear) and a course for Communication and Multimedia.


Then, over time, I documented myself by focusing my attention on Social Media and on the impact that these can have in developing the realities of individual companies on the Internet.


Today in Uncav I am the Social Media Manager, always available to make the most of social networks and give visibility to your business through them.


Giulio Vicini - Co-Founder - C.T.O.

Web Graphic Designer

They all say they are of few words, but I like to let the facts speak for themselves!

I am Giulio Vicini born in 1973 and for about 20 years I worked as a surveyor, specializing in 3D graphic techniques inherent in the field of architecture and beyond.

I have always been attracted to the Internet, by the possibility of easily finding technical information, tools and intrigued by its functioning.

In Uncav I have perfected my experience in the design and creation of websites, e-commerce and all the graphic aspects to create logos and images, but above all I have learned to appreciate the teamwork, which divides the tasks between its elements but multiplies success for all.


Giulio Vicini Uncav.jpeg
Jessica Greco - social media manager.jpeg
Jessica Greco - Social media manager - Content Creator


"The Girl from Livorno who talks about Food in Tuscany"

Born in Livorno in '95, a degree in entertainment and communication disciplines and two master's degrees: one in communication and one in digital marketing.


During my studies, my passion for social media and event organization was born, let's define them as two "comfort zones". I recently opened a profile dedicated to food in Tuscany which is making me increasingly want to work for social media like Instagram.


I am an ambitious person, with a great desire to do and learn, to achieve my goals.


I chose to collaborate with the Uncav Team because I like their corporate philosophy based on the growth and success of each individual and above all which aims to leave people free to express their talent and creativity. I hope, thanks to them, I can show and increase my skills.

Nicola di Grazia - Marketing Strategist - Web Design - SEO

I am against ruthless consumerism, I love doing ethical marketing that helps companies to be "better" to get "better" customers, aware and wise in choosing products / services.


Born in 1969, internet enthusiast, I have been developing websites since the 2000s with a targeted SEO strategy.

Graduated in Corporate Marketing since 2012

I met Francesco Militti through Toastmasters Internazional, at the Club of Pisa, a worldwide non-profit organization to develop skills in public speaking and leadership.

We discovered that we have the same passion for the Internet and Marketing and from there we have always compared positively.

I chose to collaborate with Uncav digital solutions for Francesco's vision and the Core Business of the company intrigued me so much, being a point of reference in Europe to help Entrepreneurs and Freelancers to Grow and Distinguish themselves from the competition through Digital Marketing.

I was fascinated by the mentality of Francesco, he does not see the company with a pyramid hierarchy where there is a boss and the followers, but he sees it as a tree whose roots are the genesis, the company, while the stem with the branches and leaves are the people who are part of it and contribute to their own growth and that of the company.

All this is rarely seen in the Italian business culture, but it is very nice, why not be part of it?


Nicola di Grazia - Marketing Strategist

Francesca Gammicchia -  Business Coach

Graduated in Telecommunications in Trapani, graduated in Visual Arts in Palermo, specialized in Art and Public Space in Nuremberg and obtained a master's degree in Intercultural Economic Communication at the Cattolica in Milan and 3 Masters in coaching, including the latest generation in cancer coaching to help entrepreneurs to effectively deal with those difficult situations with collaborators in a state of illness or who are caregivers.

In my life I have accumulated experiences as an artist, event organizer, tender assistant and interpreting in technical commercial German. At the age of 40 I traced the red thread that connects all my experiences by creating an Innovative Training Project which aims to improve internal communication and the efficiency of the Work Teams thanks to the techniques of regulated debate, it is called "Talent Human"

I decided to collaborate with the company Uncav digital solutions attracted by Francesco's enthusiasm and desire to grow, he has clear ideas, he knows where he is going and who he wants to go with and I cannot help but participate in such a project.


I want to contribute too, by making my skills and experiences available, to improve and accompany the growth of Entrepreneurs who choose the Success of their Career or Business, together with the fantastic Uncav digital solutions Team.


Domenico Marotta - Trainer - Mental Coach

Born in Sapri on 01/27/1985. Graduated in Law, he is certified as a "Practitioner" and "Master Practitioner" in NLP, accredited by the Society of NLP™, at the "Coaching NLP & Training" training school.

In 2018 he undertook the training course at Dr.'s "Talenti Group". Andrea Frausin to certify both as a "Trainer of Personal Development Programs" and as a "Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming", accredited by "Meta International" (Link to the register of trainers:, the world's first NLP organization founded by the three co-founders, studying human excellence, effective communication and soft skills.

In 2018 he attended the first course of the HCE school, directed by the trainer and well-known author Paolo Borzacchiello.

I believe in exchanging prestige and in "networking" with other stimulating professionals such as Francesco Militti C.E.O. of the Uncav Digital Solutions company.

After having had the pleasure of meeting him, I notice in Francesco a clear vocation to improve people's businesses with full ethics and competence.

This is the reason to collaborate with UNCAV!


Leonardo NuccilliCopywriter & Grapich/Web Designer

I am a very ambitious 20 year old boy with very clear ideas about my future.
Creativity is what distinguishes me, and it is precisely this characteristic that led me to choose the path of Graphic/Web design.


Furthermore, I have been passionate about reading since I was a child, and for this reason another skill that I have acquired over time is that of copywriting.


In the future I will also specialize as a Web Developer (website developer). All these combined skills will serve to start my career at 360°, hoping to achieve all the goals I set for myself.
Indeed, hope is not something for me. There I will reach whatever the cost.


I have to admit that joining the Uncav team has been a real pleasure. I will be thrilled to grow with them and have my first experiences in the workplace (on the web).

Martina Piano- Videomakers and videos editor

Born in Pisa in '95, graduated from the linguistic high school, a degree in Disciplines of entertainment and communication and one in History and forms of visual arts, entertainment and new media.


Being behind a camera has always been a great passion of mine, thanks to social media I can express my art and help people feel better about themselves. But thanks to my university studies I was able to discover and deeply love the whole world of video making: from planning, to writing, to filming and finally editing.


I am a person who never stops mchallenge myself with new challenges, I like learning new things and working hard for the success of a project doesn't scare me.


I am very happy to be able to collaborate with Uncav and to be able to experience a world that I like and interest me up close and I hope, thanks to them, to be able to show and increase my skills.


217827739_10223336038661547_6192087447549804515_n (1).jpg
Why do we do it?
In the Uncav Family we have a strength that unites us all: the Passion for the Internet and the Expertise we apply in what we do.
We like to achieve Results through computers, digital tools and the work we do with our customers.
Thanks to this we are thrilled to be able to help entrepreneurs and their businesses to grow and achieve goals.

Test us, ask for a consultation now!
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