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Building Strong Men for Troubled Times: A Generational Perspective

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

In the timeless teachings of Aaron McKie, former US basketball player and coach, four simple but profound sentences emerge:

Hard times create strong men

Strong men create easy times

Easy times create weak men

Weak men create hard times.

These words capture the natural cycle of human evolution through generations, and how those cycles prompt us to embrace the challenge of creating a better future. Let's take a closer look at this cycle and how we can draw inspiration from it to guide our steps in the modern world.

Hard Times and the Forge of Men

Troubled times often bring out the best in humanity. A tangible example was the period of the Second World War, a time of trial in which humanity demonstrated extraordinary resilience and determination. These moments of crisis require strong men and women capable of facing adversity and overcoming insurmountable obstacles. It is these challenges that shape character and build strong men, ready to face any adversity.

Strong Men and Times of Prosperity

Heroism and strength shown in times of trouble often lead to times of prosperity. After the Second World War, the world has witnessed an extraordinary reconstruction, and economic and social growth. The men and women who had faced the trials of war used their inner strength to build a better world. This period of relative tranquility and growth has created fertile ground for personal development and the realization of goals.

Comfort and the Weak Generation

However, times of prosperity also bring with them the risk of becoming lazy and forgiving. When everything seems easy, challenges can be overlooked and resolve weakened. This is the point where the generation of "sons of strong men" begins to form. With access to comfort and convenience, the drudgery of the past can fade, leading to a less resilient generation.

Facing Tough Times With Determination

The cycle teaches us that the next generation is often called upon to renew the strength and commitment of their predecessors. The years 2020-2030 can be seen as a period of significant challenges, which will require a new kind of strength: that of agile minds and adaptation to the changing digital world. This is the time when our grandchildren's generation will have the opportunity to emerge as strong men, guided by the wisdom of past generations.

The Call to Action for a New Generation of Leaders

In an age where access to everything is the norm, the challenge becomes to educate and lead the next generation towards resilience and intelligence. As parents, we must take responsibility for nurturing strong men and women capable of facing the challenges ahead. As entrepreneurs, we must embrace change and innovation, adapting to the demands of an increasingly digital world.

In conclusion, Aaron McKie's words are a powerful reminder of the importance of building strong men through challenges and leading future generations with wisdom and determination. We are called to break the cycle of weakness through education, guidance and adaptation, thus creating a better world for all.

Be the architects of your destiny, forging men and women who will face the future with courage and determination.

I write this as a father of three daughters and an entrepreneur who has adapted to the new emerging digital world.

To the future!

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