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Guide to Successful Marketing: Satisfying Fundamental Human Needs through 8 principles

What do people want? Not much but what he wants he searches tirelessly and among many things these are the 8 most fundamental principles according to Dale Carnagie: Health, Food, Sleep, Money, Life, Sexual Gratification, the happiness of his children and Feeling Important.

In this fast-paced world, everything revolves around these essential needs. Marketing and Advertising have the task of accurately highlighting how our Products and Services can help improve people's lives.

We'll delve into how these principles, outlined by Dale Carnegie, can become the key to creating authentic connections and building a winning marketing strategy, driving your brand to online success.

If you own a business and are trying to make your way in the vast world of online marketing, it is essential that you understand these basic needs of people.

They are 8 universal principles that guide human decisions, and you, as an entrepreneur, have the opportunity to make them become the heart of your marketing strategy.

Health: Nourish the Wellbeing of Your Audience

First of all, put well-being first. Whether you offer health-related products or services, or promote a healthy lifestyle, make sure your message conveys the importance of investing in your health. Your brand can be the key to a healthier and more fulfilling future.

Food: A Unique Culinary Journey

If your business is food-related, convey the unique experience you offer. From irresistible flavor to captivating presentation, tell a delightful story that engages your audience's senses. Your brand doesn't just sell food products, but a real culinary adventure.

Sleep: Guarantee regenerating rest

If your product or service is related to sleep, make it clear to your customers that you are offering much more than just a product. You're selling improved quality of life through rejuvenating rest. Your brand is the key to a peaceful and energizing night.

Money: An Investment in Your Customers' Future

If you're involved in finance or economic services, highlight how your business can help people realize their financial dreams. Your brand is the ideal partner for a prosperous and secure future.

Life: The Ally in the Adventure of Life

Regardless of the industry, your brand can be the ideal travel companion in people's lives. Communicate how your product or service helps make your customers' lives richer and more fulfilling.

Sexual Gratification: Unique Intimacy and Connection

If your business is about intimacy, convey the message of how your product or service can improve relationships and bring gratification to your customers' lives. Your brand is the key to deeper, more fulfilling connections.

Children's Happiness: Invest in the Future of Families

If your business is aimed at families, highlight how your brand can contribute to children's happiness and development. Your product or service is more than just a purchase; it is an investment in the future of families.

Feeling Important: Your Customer at the Center of the Universe

Lastly, it makes your customers feel important. Communicate that your brand is not just an option, but the best choice they can make. Your product or service puts them at the center of your brand's universe.

Now that you understand the importance of meeting basic human needs, it's time to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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