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Buyer Personas, how to identify marketing strategies with your customers

The purpose of marketing is to know and understand the customer to ensure that your product or service is perfectly suited to its characteristics. Defining the target is the first step to designing the right communication channel. The Target is very useful for understanding where to direct investment efforts, but it is not always sufficient to identify the personality type of your average user, as it tells you "what" to propose but not "how and when". Here it becomes useful, if not essential, to identify the so-called personas in addition to the target. The ways to define a personas profile can be very subjective, but there are some points to follow that can help us.

- CHARACTERS, extroverted, introverted, shy etc ... .. - ACTIVITIES, hobbies, free time - INTERESTS, individual or group curiosities, for example environmental interests - OPINIONS, for example about the use of some ingredients in food products - HABITS, such as always having coffee after lunch, or always having dinner at the same time etc ... - LIFESTYLE, religious, healthy, curious ....... - ATTITUDE, negative, positive or doubtful - VALUES, honesty, forgiveness, respect. - PREJUDICES formulated before knowing the product or service in depth - FEARS, generally they are on a subconscious level, but identifying them can become very important to complete the profile of your typical user.

Now you have all the elements to create a kind of avatar of your ideal client. Practice creating fictional characters, you may find that any person could need to be approached differently not only based on the target but also, for example, their personality. All these notions will help you to know "how" to relate to your potential customers, but also "when and why", thus perfecting the marketing strategies you want to adopt. Elisabetta Calestani Top Admin Uncav

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