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Those who do Online Advertising now know!

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Today, the focus on online advertising has been reduced to only 0.05 seconds, 0.05 seconds to induce your potential customer to focus on the message you want to convey.

The key word is now "speed", we have a constant need for information, news, services, products ... and we want them immediately, the "Skip Ad" button is undoubtedly the favorite of many, we can't even get to the end of the 30 seconds of advertisements preceding a YouTube video and we are nervously waiting to be able to skip them.

Furthermore, making a good impression online is even more complicated, people get an idea of ​​the product even before they know what it is.

This makes the non-verbal communication we transmit from our videos even more important.

A widely used non-verbal communication trick is to show people where to look, how? Having a person in the ad who looks where we want the consumer to focus their attention (the product, slogan or logo of our company). This is because people have the instinct to turn their gaze to what the person in front of us is looking at.

For the same principle explained above, another effective trick to turn the consumer's attention where we want is to use hand gestures. Using the image of a person who points to or holds the product to be promoted is super effective not only because it pushes us to look at it. According to numerous studies, in fact, hands are the greatest index of trust, when we see a person's hands we feel we can trust more, and trust is a fundamental element for the first impression, especially online.

Follow the video to learn more about the topic.

And you, how do you approach non-verbal communication for advertising your business?

Are you sure you are doing the right gestures to attract the attention of your audience?

If the topic has intrigued you, if you too want to understand how to improve non-verbal communication in your advertising videos, write to us at, we will be able to talk about it together and maybe find a solution that suits your needs.

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Elisabetta Calestani co-founder e copywriter Uncav Digital Solutions

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