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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Until a year ago I didn't have the slightest idea what an Autoresponder was! Today I learned about its potential and I want to share with you what I know about this very important and indispensable tool for doing business online. As you can easily guess from the name itself, an autoresponder (called in Italian) is a program that is used to respond automatically with emails. It seems like a "trivial" thing, but this is the number one tool that allows you to carry out a very important activity to earn decent money online: email marketing. Perhaps with a practical example I can explain myself better ... It will surely have happened to you to subscribe to a newsletter, by filling out a small online form that requires you to enter (usually) your name and email address! You will immediately receive a confirmation email ... Here, it is a classic registration form that in 99% of cases is managed by an autoresponder, an automatism that is triggered upon registration. In this way, the whole procedure is automated and speeded up, since it can be carried out at any time of the day or night and saves a lot of time and energy in terms of assistance!

The Autoresponder is practically the centerpiece of an online business! For example, if you have a website, it is essential to direct as many visitors to it as possible and, moreover, to make sure that they are in target with the main theme of the site itself… But this is not enough! In fact, the vast majority of people arrive on the site, maybe they read the text a little, they get the idea that it is an interesting subject but very few insert the website address of the site as a favorite. And those who insert it very often forget to return to visit again to learn more. Moral of the story? Only one visitor out of over 150/200 will buy your product! And what about the other 149/199 visitors? Simple: they will go away forever. Basically, you've lost potential sales. And this is where the autoresponder comes into play! In fact, if you manage to get the visitor to subscribe to the newsletter of your site, in the future you can contact him as many times as you want to make him offers, promotions or simply to send him content that "educates" your potential customers about what you have to sell ... And above all, anyone can use it, building customer loyalty is an aspect that should not be underestimated! Take for example a bar, it can build customer loyalty by sending them a particular email on their birthday, perhaps even giving them a gift. Said so it seems like magic, but let's see how it works. Obviously you have to rely on professional sites that allow you to program an autoresponder! First of all, to make the autoresponder work you will always have to provide a form for the registration of new users. This can be programmed at will. You can enter only one field (at least that of the email) or, if it is essential for your business, you can also get your name, phone number, etc. As soon as the visitor clicks on the confirmation button, after having entered the required data, the autoresponder will automatically insert it in the archive of subscribers to your site. Obviously few will sign up to make you a pleasure. In order to entice them to at least release their email to you, it is advisable to give something in return that they will find interesting. For example: an audio-report, a mini-course via email, a particular discount, etc. Of course, not all users who visit your site will sign up and leave their details. Generally, if you do a good job and reason correctly and transparently to get visitor data, you will have a certain conversion rate (which is the ratio between the number of visitors and the number of subscribers), which generally it is around 10%.

That said, those visitors who have given you their data (which can also be just their email) and who have been "confiscated" in your autoresponder database, are defined in web marketing jargon as leads. The beauty of inserting an autoresponder on your website is that, if a user takes the action of subscribing by filling out the form, it means that, most likely, he is potentially interested in what you have to offer, otherwise this "effort" will not would have ever done it ... Furthermore, an autoresponder will allow you to do many other very useful actions for your online business. => You can organize follow-ups Follow-ups are pre-programmed emails that are sent automatically in the days following registration. In fact, those who sign up are interested in what you have to offer, but this alone is not enough. A common practice is to browse a few sites to see what the competition has to offer. By sending emails following the first, you enrich content and create a relationship with the customer, encouraging them to purchase.

=> The ability to move a user from one list to another Another peculiarity of autoresponders (at least the professional and well-made ones) is that they can move subscribers from one list to another when a certain event occurs. Let's see, in practical terms, what the above means and what are the benefits for those who manage a business on the web. When a user signs up, they are a potential customer looking for information on what to buy and, therefore, must be informed and encouraged to do so. After he has bought, however, you cannot continue to send emails that encourage the purchase of a product he has already purchased. The customer, at the very least, would be very annoyed. Therefore, by making the appropriate settings, as soon as the purchase event by lead Tizio occurs, the autoresponder will automatically move Tizio from the list of potential customers to that of customers. Obviously, the autoresponder must be programmed on purpose, and in advance, to do this action. At this point, the correspondence that you will send to the customer will no longer include offering him the purchase of the product (or service) he has already purchased but, possibly, other things that may be of interest to those who are already customers. As you will have understood, the Autoresponder is a fantastic tool, used in the right way will simplify your work and allow you to implement your business online! If you too want to learn about the tools that allow you to position yourself in the online world, come and meet the Uncav project! Valentina Cappello Top Admin Uncav Community Team Italy

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