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Where does the name Uncav "one cent at a time" come from?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

It seems like a cliché but the most beautiful things come from the most bizarre and unthinkable ideas. Obviously "every roach is nice to mom soy". For me, having founded something out of nothing and the idea that I am creating together with other people who share my same vision, seems very nice to me. For others it may not be, peace and love. Let's go to the point, the name Uncav comes from a story discovered by chance on the web that speaks of a Japanese professor who teaches his second class financial education through a formula of success where he invites students to thoroughly analyze and understand the vision in the long term and short term. Un.c.a.v. stands for One cent at a time and now let's understand why by going into the story of the Japanese professor.

"The riddle of the millionaire great-uncle"

Imagine meeting a distant millionaire great-uncle who was a well-known joker and math enthusiast. One day this uncle decided to draw up a rather strange and enigmatic will where he offered the heirs two options to put their hand to his inheritance. Bound 1st Option: 1 million euros will be credited to your account today: no questions, no paperwork, you can start spending your money right away. Bound 2nd Option: 1 euro cent is credited to an escrow account for 30 days (translated: you cannot touch the money for a month), with the guarantee, however, that the value of the deposit will be doubled every day until the bond expires. Bound Which option would you instinctively choose? Obviously there is no need to ask! That of pocketing the million immediately! I can already imagine what you are thinking: in the meantime, I buy myself a beautiful villa, then I make myself a supercar, a little travel around the world, I give something to my relatives to help them and the rest I enjoy my life, you only live once! That's the point, the part of your brain that always leads you to save energy pushes you to instant gratification, classic mediocre attitude but, it's not your fault if you think this, it's the financial education you had like the vast majority and the world you frequent or are living in ... Not all rightly, not all, I would not mind making a bundle of grass. Maybe you who are reading are a far-sighted person and like me you immediately stopped to analyze the second option before making hasty choices ... Well then let's analyze the second option. A euro cent that doubles every day for up to 30 days:

First day: 1 x 1 = 1 cent Second day: 1 x 2 = 2 cents Third day: 2 x 2 = 4 cents Fourth day: 4 x 2 = 8 cents Fifth day: 8 x 2 = 16 cents Sixth day: 16 x 2 = 32 cents Seventh day: 32 x 2 = 64 cents

mmmmm keep going on that makes me laugh ....

Help me, here's the result: we are talking about a figure like 536.870.912 million cents equivalent to € .5.368.709.12 after only 30 days of waiting!

Amazing right? Mathematics is not an opinion, this is a fact but the point is, what did this metaphor of the millionaire great-uncle transfer us to? That to have great results you must wait, be patient and do not expect anything at the beginning of any of your initiatives. You have to invest effort, time and money in your project, see it grow and have a long-term vision, eventually reaping your well-deserved rewards. This is where Uncav was born, from a long-term vision. What we are building requires sacrifice, investment and a lot of patience, the result will be far superior to what an immediate and short-term response could offer us. If you think about it, a million euros is quick to end up with the mentality of "I'll shoot my life as long as I can", two or three years and it goes back to being what it always was, if not worse. Be far-sighted, learn to build and have a great vision, you will see that in the end it always pays off and the game is worth the candle. This is the philosophy that we espouse when we build something important online for our customers. Build Your Business Success Online "One Penny at a Time"!

Do you have a business and are you passionate about the internet? Would you like to get to know the web better to learn how to surf safely, learn how to correctly use digital tools to position yourself, discover the infinite opportunities it offers?

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