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Francesco Militti and his passion for the internet

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

"Where there is a problem, there is also a solution, they are two sides of the same coin"

When my friends see me working on the PC, they ask me where I learned about the internet so deeply, what specialized courses I have done to learn everything I can do on the computer and with the internet.

No school, no specialist course but a lot of curiosity and passion, mistakes after mistakes, dozens of burnt and crazed computers. Hours, nights spent on the internet surfing and then questions, many questions to those who knew more than me, but the real secret is in experiencing doing things, doing things wrong, daring and learning from the results.

Let me introduce myself, my surname is Militti and my name Francesco. I didn't decide this name but my parents at the last minute. It's not that I don't like it, on the contrary, according to my mother, I should have called myself Francesca.

You know in my time there was no ultrasound but there was the "midwife" who looked at the moon, the tides, the seasons, the shape of the belly, to guess if there was a boy or a girl in the womb and then gave birth in home.

So I arrived, born in 1968 of Sicilian origins. I leave school at 16 to enter the world of work and aspire to become a successful entrepreneur.

Here I am at 5 years old.

I couldn't bear the idea of ​​being a slave to someone, having a master who told me what to do, when and how, above all he decided how much money I had to earn.

This is why I have chosen to be an entrepreneur and not an employee.

The job I undertake is that of plasterer and interior decorator, over the years I specialize as a plasterer by doing interventions in the field of thermo / acoustics and passive fire protection.

In 1995 I moved to Tuscany, the land where I currently live.

In this photo (man with beige jacket) I am with one of my Teams where we analyze the drawings of the works to be performed and we organize the operational team.

Because I'm telling you about my job, what does it have to do with the passion for the internet? It has something to do with it, because in 1998 when I set up my first company, I immediately made my first purchase and it was a fixed PC that I placed in a corner of my house, yes, because the office was at home at that time.

So as soon as the technician installed the windows98 software and connected the pc to the internet, I immediately got to work and started creating my digital accounting documents ...

Do you believe? But what accounting documents and what work hahahaha.

Do you think that for a week I just looked at the PC, I admired its beauty but I didn't have the courage to press the button to turn it on for fear of doing damage, I really didn't know anything about PC, absolute zero! One of the things that I like so much about myself is that when I am faced with an obstacle or a problem that scares me, I ask myself this question: the action I do will cause me bleeding wounds, is it dangerous to my survival?

If the answer is NO, then I dare courageously overcoming all fear. So I did, I pressed that button that scared me so much and I turned on the computer watching a show of images, wow I exclaimed!

As soon as I connected to the internet, the first action I did was visit the kataweb site, where the technician had created my mailbox. The second search I did was to look for connections with other people and then chat, so I found one that was called Magnacarta, now I think it doesn't exist anymore. I started chatting with people, it was great to be connected with people from all over Italy and to be able to communicate!

I was looking for information, I asked for website addresses, I asked how one thing worked rather than another, I asked for help, I was curious to know and experiment and I surfed ...

The rest is history, 20 years have already passed since that moment and I have never stopped learning and always asking those who know more than me, to then experience it firsthand.

My experience in the field is very broad. I emphasize experience, not theory or knowledge, which has its value but if you don't put into practice what you learn, trust me, it's all in vain. You know today there are plenty of professors who know everything and the good thing is that they allow themselves to tell you what to do without them having ever had the experience, stay away from these Vanna Marchi of the web, dispassionate advice from Zio Ciccio .. .

Whatever you want to do in life you need to use these three words: ask, listen and practice.

Having said that it seems simple but I guarantee you that people hardly ask and even rarer that they are willing to listen. People hear with their ears to process an answer, they don't know how to listen.

And then the practice, this is also a very difficult thing, everyone knows what they have to do but they don't do it, by not doing they don't have results and they don't learn.

I have cultivated my passion for the internet and for the computer only and exclusively for my personal satisfaction, as a fan I have a passion for football or formula one rather than for golf, billiards, sports cars, boats, fishing. etc.

In 2008, when the great crisis began, the knowledge and knowing how to use the tools on the internet came in handy, so I build a position through social platforms and a site, so I start advertising myself and find new customers, while my colleagues took me around, telling me that I was deluded to find customers online and that I was wasting time.

But what mattered were the Results, I was always full of work and they gasped like fish out of water with no job and no paying customers.

In 2013, the crisis persisted, I understood that there was a change in the economy and work, so I decided to turn to the internet in search of new sources of income alternative to mine.

I start to make a growth path in the Online Business sector by always doing "practice"

and experiences.

I start with forex, binary options, I bet on hyip (hight yeld investment programs), pay to click, cryptocurrency mining, offline and then online network marketing and so on and so forth.

All beautiful experiences that teach you something and also make you earn but above all that help you understand how this world of online works. I would add that in this period I start studying, I buy books on financial education, personal growth, online communication, marketing. In short, this is a new world and I realize that experience is not enough, culture and mentality are also needed.

In 2018, after careful evaluations, I finally went to take stock and I realized that everything I had done was not part of what I was trying to create.

I wanted a business where to build growing and stable economic income and where above all to have control as I had with my construction company. By associating yourself with the various businesses mentioned above (I have mentioned some of them) you do not have total control of your business, anyone at any time can disappear, close your account, change the rules, compensation plans, products, in short, you are employee and not entrepreneur. Even if in some cases they tell you that you are an entrepreneur of yourself, but what? Let's fly over ...

This is against my principles. So my decision in March 2019 was to want to create a real digital company that would help traditional businesses and people to know the right tools to use the internet for business purposes. Why this decision?

Simple, for 3 main points:

  1. Work as we know it has changed a lot and in the future it will change even more, in the face of this we adapt according to the times to ride the new economic waves instead of being victims of change.

  2. Most traditional businesses are in big trouble and need help to react, those who can welcome innovation will far outrun the competition by staying on the markets, so we will help businesses to digitize.

  3. Unemployment will increase dramatically, there will be those people who want to learn new jobs such as that of the digital entrepreneur and we will be ready to offer job opportunities to those who want to evolve in this new digital era.

Thus was born Uncav Digital Solutions, an idea created on the web without spending capital, which is taking shape day after day thanks also to my three co-founders who share my same vision of the business of the future. With their contribution we will create this fantastic reality that has a whole story to write from now on ...

This article stops here and I leave it like this so that one day each of us can return to read it and observe where we started from. Today is May 16, 2019.

To the future!

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