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Giulio Vicini from the drafting machine to the pc

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they are 20 or 80. Anyone who continues to learn stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. (Henry Ford)

1994 drafting machine, pencil, ink pens, paper sheets, glossy sheets, adhesive paper tape, razor blades, erasers, pencils and transfers, here is the basis for making a professional technical drawing.

I'm Giulio Vicini, I was born in Livorno in 1973, I've been a surveyor for over 20 years and that's how I started.

Fortunately, I immediately approached the PC (386 with windos 3.1), and after a few years with the evolution of computers and programs, drawing on the drafting machine, I replaced it with digital. May 96 off we go! The military conscription that I carry out in the National Fire Brigade, I know another world, other situations totally different from my path but so fascinating that to date I have short calls as a Discontinued Officer in the provincial command of Livorno.

After the leverage I resume my internship in 97 internet is present in the office but still unknown to me and not as efficient as now, I did not find much information in my field of work, social networks, youtube etc did not exist, in short, the internet was there but I was still sending faxes and using encyclopedias and technical manuals for information! At the time it was useless to me, I didn't see the potential and didn't understand how to exploit it to my advantage. Passionate about 3d graphics, I collaborated for a few years with companies in the field and then returned to the work for which I studied, opening VAT number and starting the activity of Surveyor. But 3d graphics have always remained by my side, and collaborating with architectural firms I have had some satisfactions.

Render Lounge bar in a spa for the Arch. Sergio Seritti.

I also had experience in the school first as a speaker for a refresher course for 3d graphics for the professors of a higher professional institute then as an ITP (practical technical instructor) at the Technical Institute for Surveyors. After 20 years of freelance I have found space in this virtual world thanks to the Uncav Team where I give my contribution in synergy with the other members to carry out this wonderful project.

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