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Solutions and not problems: the positive side of Valentina Cappello

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

My daughter always says she has a crazy mom, in the nice sense of the word, because I always make her have fun!

Indeed my motto "Smile at life" allows me to live every single moment finding the positive side, a bit like Pollyanna (I don't know if you remember the cartoon) and so I enjoy many moments of happiness, which is not for nothing easy for some and not cheap for me! I am a full time mom of two little pests and in the meantime I want to use my passion for the internet to help others ride the wave of change we are experiencing!

But let's start from the beginning, I'm Valentina Cappello, born in 1980 and I'm Sicilian. My parents chose this name because they discovered my existence on Valentine's Day, so what better reason not to live on happiness and love?

But let's not digress and let's get to the point ... I grow up and immediately manifest a curiosity for books, letters and numbers ... at 4 and a half years old I ask my mother to send me to the after-school program and I start reading and writing !!! In practice in the first grade I was already doing the summaries !! I continue my studies normally and I graduate in Political Science, Social Political address (I gave sociologies to have a degree equivalent to Sociology) ... I have always had an attraction for the study of the behavior of society and I dedicate my thesis to Urban sociology precisely to the role of the first shopping centers (in 2004 there were not so many), as places of socialization and not just for consumption!

After graduation I always do jobs in the social field, in particular with children with discomfort problems. But having studied is not enough for me, I want to do something different, to keep up with the times and I take the ECDL to have the basics of Office and of the PC in general. Then I follow a course to become a Communication and Multimedia Technician, during which I learn to use Adobe Photoshop and to create flyers to advertise companies. In this way I found a world that teases me more and more and I realize that the future lies in globalization and the advent of the Internet

With marriage I move from the city and work in debt collection until I decide to give up because it is an exploited job with which there is no "field" and I prefer to raise my children. I approach network marketing because I want to do something useful from home, but soon I realize that it is not for me, that I do not want to be behind a company that can abandon me at any moment, that I do not want to convince anyone to make numbers! I want to create something of my own, maybe with like-minded people!

I know Francesco Militti, a man with a thousand ideas and a lot of inventiveness, a person who knows what he wants, who lives from direct experiences, who studies to realize and I let myself be fascinated by his project ... a project that has grown slowly up to to take a well-defined shape now ... create a course that helps companies to retain customers, because the secret is not to make numbers but to enhance those already in our possession !!!

And here I am, collaborating in this splendid project that allows me to fulfill myself as a working woman, I am not just a mother, which allows me to make a positive contribution according to my skills and knowledge, which allows me to help others according to my own possibility.

The beautiful thing about Uncav is the Team Building work, the harmony created makes the atmosphere serene and it is more beautiful to work while having fun!

We are writing the rest of the story .... Valentina Cappello co-founder Uncav

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